Sustainable Steel Products

Air Liquide’s climate smart gas helps the Danish metal processing company Steel Products to meet the sustainability requirements of their customers
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18 oktober 2022

Marcel Magér, Sales Director E&P/M&P Denmark & Norway at Air Liquide and Brian Rudolph, Group Purchasing Manager at Steel Products

Steel Products is a subcontractor in the metal industry, located in Horsens at the east coast of the Jutland region in Denmark. The family owned company has a long history in Denmark. It was founded already in 1924 by the silversmith Aage Østergaard and today Steel Products employs 250 people in Horsens. Steel Products specializes in different types of metal processing and has a broad customer portfolio, delivering products to everything ranging from the automotive industry to the interior design industry.


Green Origin as a competitive advantage

Group Purchasing Manager, Brian Rudolph explains while showing the Green Origin Validation Statement that is hanging at the top right corner of his whiteboard, that they have experienced increased supplier sustainability requirements in the past years.

“It was only a month ago I showed this validation statement to an external party,” says Brian.

Steel Products are today buying Green Origin Liquid Nitrogen & Liquid Argon, which means that Air Liquide has used renewable energy for the production and filling of the gas delivered to Steel Products (including losses) and compensated for the emissions from the transportation through projects meeting the requirements of Gold Standard Foundation & Plan Vivo.

“Using Green Origin gas is a competitive parameter for us,” says Brian.

By using low carbon products in the production, such as Green Origin, Steel Products can lower the carbon footprint of their products and help to meet the sustainability requirements of their customers.

Furthermore, Brian explains that they experience the automotive industry as a first mover within their customer portfolio when it comes to supplier sustainability requirements, but that they are closely followed by the process industry.


Sustainability requirements are here to stay

The increased demand related to traceability and disclosure of environmental impact of the products has resulted in Steel Products recently appointed a full time employee working with ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance). 

“Environmental audits seem to be the future. Within a few years, I expect that we will conduct sustainability audits of our suppliers,” says Brian.

Air Liquide is proud to deliver solutions that meet the customer needs and that supports their sustainability requirements.


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